A photographic exhibition by Emanuela Colombo

Excellence is never a chance. It is a choice. And it is the result of talented and committed people that, as the necessary parts of a single mechanism, work in unison to reach the goal. The secret might be the proud treasure of a family, the territory might be the land of inheritance but the final result is never a predictable matter. It is the product of care and a labor of love, the gift of many hands, heads and eyes.

The Amarone Zenato is an example of this commitment and a trademark of Italian excellence. What makes it happen are the grapes, of course, together with all the people behind the process of turning the fruit into a delicious, prestigious wine. The skilled workers, the winemakers, the owners, the experts, the staff, every single person is reason for the success of the final bottle.

Emanuela Colombo has an eye for uniqueness. In her work, whether soulfully portraying animals or giving voice to Native Americans’ wisdom today, she looks at her subject in the eye and respectfully draws from their inner force.

For Behind Excellence, Emanuela has portrayed all the precious hands and minds behind Zenato. Her portraits of skilled workers are interlaced with employees within the company that represent the various phases of the process. From the pickers to the wine experts, from the pressing to the shipping. Each and every one an essential piece of the complete procedure towards excellence.

Arianna Rinaldo