La Confraternita

A photographic exhibition by Mattia Zoppelaro

Mattia Zoppellaro takes us on a journey, seemingly, into the past towards the discovery of a mysterious, almost theatrical world. He open the doors to the secrets of excellence through a series of portraits in which the somber light promises an interesting plot.

The Dogale Confraternita del Baccalà Mantecato, as the name itself suggests, recalls an ancient time when the care and value of work followed precise rules, dictated by experience through time. The members, themselves, carry noble and solemn titles, suggesting respect and honour like Doge, Savio, Cerimoniere. Specific roles that guarantee the quality and the fulfilment of solid principles that lie at the root of what they seek to protect: the fine product of an Italian culinary intuition.

Mattia Zoppellaro, born in Veneto, global traveler but aware of his region’s traditions, has no doubts in choosing an ancient aesthetic for the portraits of the members of La Confraternita. In his mind he holds images of Renaissance painters, and his heart hosts a strong passion for contemporary cinema. The result is a visual language that reverberates between the mysterious, the esoteric and the noble. The marble-like background, the typical cloak known as “tabarro”, the mobile glances, are all very detailed elements stemming from a young photographer’s attention and respect towards art and history.

Mattia Zoppellaro plays attentively with style and aesthetics. In his career he has photographed rockstar and homeless, athletes and nomads, always drawing his glance near to the world that engages each protagonist.

In La Confraternita, without a doubt, he exposes the strong dignity of the members and the Consiglio dei Dieci: men and women united by excellence that disclose a world of rare beauty and taste.

Arianna Rinaldo