Neptune Gladiators

A photographic exhibition by Piero Martinello

These portraits only exist thanks to the Mistral. The furious wind that torments the sea and brings spores from distant shores.
Because when the Mistral blows strongly, sailing and fishing becomes a torture. And sometimes the fishermen decide to stay.

But when they go out to the sea they remain there for three,
maybe four weeks, or more, and they cross the Mediterranean Sea, they skim Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Albania. And they fish stories, tragic stories, miraculous stories, the stories of the epic of the sea.

One or two stories, always the same ones, are told when they come back to complete the dinner; most of them, the most incredible ones, remain orphan, and not knowing where to go they hide in the wrinkles of the skin, and there they remain.

This limpid series of portraits by Piero Martinello talks about those wrinkles, returning pride and completing the identity of the lively fishermen community of Monopoli, which keeps on renewing itself, blending the old adventurers of the sea with the younger ones, often the sons, to whom maybe one day those incredible stories will be given in custody.

Neptune Gladiators is the second exhibition of Behind Excellence, a new way to discover Italy through the faces of those who, with their daily work, make the excellences of this country unique and well-known all over the world.

Thanks to Air Dolomiti Italian excellences are not only exhibited in Munich but are also easily reachable every day from Munich Airport.

Giovanni Troilo